Sacred Sites Preparation Day


June 20th, 2020

11 mins 16 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Anthony Bourdain once said “I know theres a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed all day and eat donuts. My life is a series or strategems to avoid and outwit that guy”.

If you’re an artist you know this place.

I wake up at 4 30 every day and meditate for an Hour.
I track every day to practice my craft
I do breathwork and work out.
I diligently attend to what I need to do to keep my company going….
I maintain routines because I know my nature is profoundly ungrounded. I can
be a drifter.
I like to think I have made myself solid with disciplined routine.
But despite all of this, as an artist on the brink of creating something beautiful…..’man that
donut eater just shows up”

The dragon of resistance.

In truth resistance is its own powerful force.
No artist goes untouched by its energy in your life.
Its armed with all your past fears and doubts.
It’s the worry that the muse has left you.
It will tell you that you have nothing to share. that you’re a fake and a fraud.
It remains… even as time and time again you learn that it has no ground to stand on.

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