June 16th, 2020

10 mins 56 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In a setting with almost no connotation for me to the Sacred.
The Sacred is not just places but what happens in places.

I will start with what I can. I will work with the track I have.
I will go to the Sacred sites of this land to explore the sacred. I think the Sacred is archetypal….it's an energy of life.

I will walk alone to specific places on the land……. Sleep on the ground…… meditate….and ask those places to help me understand. I will go unnassisted on my own two feet to the places that call me.

You have to understand I am not a beaded necklaces kind of guy. I am open to the mystry but I am not a hippy. Its not all good vibrations with me. In fact I tend to be turned off by to much heart clutching incence burning. I'm allergic to anything that feels like we are contriving our way to a show of depth

But I want to remember life in that way.
If I could awaken that… far could I walk that sacred nature it into the world.

I want to know it when I see it.
I want to be able to feel it.
I want to learn to make it.

I want to understand the secret of the Sacred.

I might not find anything

As I sit here I can think of five places that are calling me.

I could go to them.
I could see what the ground says.
The opposite of the sacred is the profane…. Must I go there too?
The light and the dark.

The whole ying yang.

Boyd Varty Sacred Sites

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