Day 17 - On the Trail of the Wild Man


April 18th, 2020

15 mins 38 secs

Season 1

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Yesterday I walked out onto the clearing at sunset. On the hill there is the most ancient hope of a horizon. The scene was so soft with the graceful movements of the giraffe. At dusk a hyena slink past looking guilty. Hidden in everything is the unseen masculinity but held together by the feminine energy of nature.

Animals talk with body language. A good tracker must be attuned to this.

What does it mean to be a man? It was often a question that seemed to be asked out of profound sense of something that had not been attained or out of the question is this it?
That question is only ever asked in modern culture where all our definitions are from outside of us. Society makes us but what does it make if society is flawed.

Why so many men I speak to who have attained all of the above are still asking this question?
The awakening of the wild man can’t happen without a capacity for making. I’m not looking for images but to people.

I have two artist friends who I deeply admire: Simon Bannister ( and Emily Lamb ( True Artists. In them I have seen a ferocity of commitment who I deeply admire. They have the courage to live as artists. It’s like a certain type of wildness is inbuilt into their calling.

As artists they are bringing the as yet unimagined into being. They first have to imagine that goal and then bring it into being. Not only set goals but imagine something new and then make that your goal.

To imagine with intention is a lost art form

This type of creation is between you and the spirit of that making. I understand there are many ways to go but for me the way of the artist, the ability go inward to the as yet undefined and the outwards spirit of life and alchemize those both is what its about.

The men I most admire built their lives, they made it up.
I don’t want to remake the world, I want to remake myself inside of it.

Instead of asking what does it mean to be a map, ask what does it mean to be myself? This is modern day activism.

Story of my father.

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