Day 7 - Solo


April 8th, 2020

14 mins 21 secs

Season 1

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Journal Entry: Discovered a perfect white fluff ball of feathers. My roommate, a chinspot basis. I got to bed to roost.
Living in a tree you don’t look up at birds, you are eye level.
African Hawk Eagles, Chinspot Batis, Tracks, Lions, Roost, Presence, Richard Siwela, Manyelethi

Why am I Here?
Why have I always known I would live in a tree?
Why do I track solo?
Why do you know you must do that you have not rational reason to?

Out here I do one thing at a time. If you are into being present, I would give it a try.

I found a pride of lion in the Manyelethi.
Decoded the pattern of the tracks. Some young, some old. With young cub present I must be especially aware. The tracks had no night traffic. I began to follow. There is a unique feeling to following a pride of lions alone.

When tracking solo your tracking should be sufficiently good that you are not trying to track.
Now you are self reliant. If you encounter danger from the lions, the outcome will be dictated by the quality of your reactions. React slowly, do not run, do not panic. Condition yourself in advance for presence.

You are in a conversation that is communicated primarily with energy and body language. Stand your ground and then move backwards.
The general rule is to have respect and be humble.
The goal should be to see the lion before they see you.

I don’t know why I must follow but I want to follow. A tracker must follow as a form of self expression.
On a track alone, there can be a purity of self expression.

I think of my childhood hero, Richard Siwela. He was an incredible solo tracker. He was a leopard specialist. He was meticulous, judgmental and aloof by nature. He carried himself with the superiority of the superior.

Today I have been beaten by the boundary but I have enjoyed my art form.
The ability to let more life into my heart is surely a trail worth following.

Eugene Marais - Purposeful action towards an unknown purpose. Homing towards something towards their is no …..
Homing instinct in young pygmy boy.

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