Day 26 - Define Abundance


April 27th, 2020

11 mins 8 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

There is a line in the Book of Mormon where a Ugandan women is singing about the Utopia that can be found in Salt Lake City. At first it seems like another comedic line, but it’s actually profound. The women is imagining utopia from her point of reference. We all imagine inside our own frames of reference. The question is what are your friendly warlords?

What is abundance? What is wealth?
Real wealth is not being rushed, stillness, enjoying your food, having places you are excited to explore, a river to swim in, being creatively engaged, quality presence with yourself and others, rest when you want to, freedom from crushing obligations, simplicity, being able to feel, connection to beauty, naps, high levels of energy, health, time, silliness, passion, the opportunity to serve, choices.

I need to think about how I can live towards this truest abundance.

There is a strange thing with success that what is built into it, but with it there is something to lose.

I never met the entrepreneur who said “I think we are big enough now”. We all want to be successful, we all want to get by.

What do you want to provide? House, education food on the table. Then it deepens into presence, time, a joyful life, aliveness and understanding what is really important. How is the way you are living your life teaching those things?

Kids don’t learn what you say, they learn how you are. I guess I’m examining the idea that just because we can we should. What I think I want versus what I actually want.

The real pillars of abundance are stillness, nature and community. I understand that none of this might be making any sense.

What else happens when you get still is that you become aware there are many places in your life where you have not showered yourself in glory. You have to face up to a certain amount of shame in your own behavior that frankly if you keep busy you can hide away. To be still means that you can really revisit those moments. Even if you don’t want to it will come up.

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