Day 10 - Wayfinding


April 11th, 2020

12 mins 49 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Journal entry,
Thinking of loved ones across the world. This morning I walked down to the river and a cloud of orange butterflies encircled me. Above them an aura of dragonflies and then higher a martial eagle circling. For a moment I was enclosed in a concentric interlocking sequences
I was a world inside a world. Interdimensional and I was walking in nature.

Iron John: An adventurer goes out to find out why people disappear when they go into a forest. He finds a pool and at the bottom of it he finds a wild man. He captures the wild man and puts him in a cage. Our job is to break him out. With his freedom comes more vitality, more life.

I am involved now in purposeful action towards an unknown purpose. Maybe there is an island out there. The Polynesian Wayfinders would sit on the front of a canoe and without any navigational tools would feel for an island of water. Homing. Ultimately you must captain your own canoe towards it intuitively must be.

Sometimes you meet people who help you on the way. There was Ian Thomas who was Intense, disciplined and fit. He is a brilliant tracker, a natural teacher, formidable but open. It is within shared endeavor that we can go beyond ourselves. I like adventures where you can learn many things at once. It was as if you were at the doorway beyond comprehension.

The wild man inside of us is not a savage. So that we may understand the spirit of our gifts and our wounding so that we may bring them to the world with more light.

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